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1. Relocation (Household goods / Personal Effect)
We are ready to move your things from abroad to Thailand, Thailand to abroad with our professional teams.  Also we have more experiences in customs formalities of personal effects and other household.  We have many trucks and special equipment to carry your belongings with safety and deliver on time. 

Easy 6 Steps to get move
-    Plan to move and FREE for Site Surveying
-    Get Quotation
-    Confirmation
-    Packing (1 days for Bangkok, 2 days for Up country)
-    Forwarding  with Insurance (International Insurance Company)
-    Delivery

Our Packaging
-    Wooden furniture will be packed by white soft paper,sheet of foams and double cardboard sheet. 
-    Fragile items are made by glass, crystal, ceramic, porcelain will be wrapped by white soft paper, bubble plastic and put into double cardboard cartons inside to be lined by foams 
-    Electric Appliances will be wrapped by bubble plastic, foams and put into double cardboard cartons. 
-    Miscellaneous will be wrapped by soft paper bubble plastic and put into double cardboard cartons.

2. Our Lovely Pets
When you relocate abroad, absolutely you cannot leave your lovely pets behinds. We understand the high value placed on feeling completely comfortable concerning the well beingof your dear pets.

We are the extra step to provide the care every pet we transport deserves to make their trip as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Get Free for Estimate Cost, please send us the picture and weight of your lovely pets and clarify of vaccinate recording.

3. Musical Instrument
 More than 20 years in piano moving  of our team. We have own professionally trained teams and suitable equipment including modified moving trucks to cranes and hydraulic lifters to ensure piano moving will be smooth and secured. Up to 17 pianos can be moved at once. Your precious piano can surely be moved to your desired location regardless of any difficulties and obstacles. 

What we offer :
 - All pianos moved are subject to company’s insurance coverage. 
 - Prices include interior cleaning, exterior color coating and brass polishing.
 - Air-freight and piano packaging services are available.

“ When it comes to moves  your personal belongings, nothing is as important as
a fully-qualified, trained moving team. We give your personal and caring moving service and a promise to treat your belongings as we would our own”




   ATT Global Move Co.,Ltd.
   " Your care is ours "                                           

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Mobile : 6686-708-0337   

 ID Line : orawantamten   
E-mail : orawan@attglobalmove.co.th , info@attglobalmove.co.th   
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